Group Companies

Social Responsability

NEUMANN KAFFEE GRUPPE and its subsidiary Ceca are FIRMLY COMMITTED TO A SUSTAINABLE and growing COFFEE business. 

We believe that a company can only be viable in the long term if all participants in the value chain can make a sustainable living from the fruits of their labor. In our role as intermediary we represent a balance between the different interests of producers and consumers. For this reason we are proactive partners in our community and we are committed to a sustainable coffee economy. Cooperation goes far beyond purely commercial relations and contributes significantly to improving the lives of farmers and their families.


Ceca’s roast and cherry milling divisions, in addition to companies that share our corporate social responsibility will provide the coffee producer with a sustainable price that allows the latter to keep their coffee plots, and yet, avoid falling into extreme poverty.

Preliminarily, without changes in the prices of our roasted coffee, the project seeks to give the producers a price for their coffee of 85,000 colones/fanega, well above the price defined by world markets, and also well above the prices paid by Fair Trade. More importantly, this amount will be substantially above the 70,000 colones/fanega that ICAFE estimates is the cost of production of a small producer.